Director: Award-winning Richard Kirby

Concept: Wildest Africa is a visually stunning HD journey across Africa, from the cradle of human civilization to the most awe-inspiring natural wonders in the world. Viewers will discover secret locations, new science, and ancient cultures. The series also reveals how Africa’s natural wonders are under threat - and what is being done to overcome these environmental pressures.

The 13-part series shows the breadth of the continent’s natural wonders including the ‘Big Five’ on safari in the Okavango Delta; the wild waters of the Zambezi river; Virunga National Park, notable for its chain of active volcanoes; the island of Madagascar; Mount Kilimanjaro, and its herds of ‘red elephants’; the Namib and Sahara deserts; the highlands of Ethiopia; the deep heart of the Congolese jungle. Richard Kirby, whose production credits include the spectacular Life (BBC) and the Emmy award-winning The Private Life of Plants (BBC), is directing and is cinematographer.

Genre: Nature/Science

Status: Airing on Discovery International

Producers: Wind Dancer Films, Off The Fence and Africa HD. Co-production partners include Discovery International, UKTV’s Eden, Oasis HD, ZDF, Arte and ZDF Enterprises.