Dan Aykroyd is Reverend Mike Weber, an unconventional widowed Episcopalian minister with a love for blues music, a checkered past and four high-spirited children. The best word to describe Mike's life is "chaotic," for it is not easy balancing the life of a single parent and dealing with the day-to-day responsibilities of a minister. But, Mike is devoted to both.

Mike's life was not always this way. In the earlier days of his youth, Mike walked on the wild side, earning him the moniker, "Wild Child," from his fellow "Blacktop Vampires." Mike's favorite form of transportation was a motorcycle and his wardrobe consisted of jeans and a black leather jacket. He participated in more than his share of lawless activities and found his name to be popular in the less-than-honorable mentions of the local newspaper. Mike does not look upon his past as something to be ashamed of, but instead as a wealth of knowledge from which he draws when dealing with his parish and his progeny.


Dan Aykroyd, Dakin Matthews, Kevin Sheridan, Brendon Ryan Barrett, Courtney Chase