WORLDSCREEN: Another Season of Ready Jet Go! for PBS Kids

August 18, 2016

HOLLYWOOD: Wind Dancer Films is producing a second season of the animated space-themed show Ready Jet Go! for PBS Kids.

Ready Jet Go! follows an alien and his human friends as they go on intergalactic adventures throughout the solar system. The sophomore season will consist of 24 episodes, an hour-long special and a collection of new web games and mobile apps. Production kicks off this month for a debut on PBS Kids late next year.

“Our goal with Ready Jet Go! is to ignite kids’ natural fascination about space and inspire them to explore the endlessly exciting and ever-evolving world of science,” said Dete Meserve, principal of Wind Dancer Films and executive producer of the series. “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with PBS Kids to bring a whole new season of engaging adventures to young viewers from coast to coast.”

PBS Kids is pleased to introduce new episodes of Ready Jet Go!, which extends our commitment to using the power of media to spark children’s curiosity and love of learning,” added Lesli Rotenberg, the senior VP and general manager of children’s media and education at PBS. “Research demonstrates the importance of starting to build kids’ STEM skills early, especially in underserved communities, which is whyReady Jet Go! is such an important part of PBS Kids’ educational media.”