Toys News: Ready Jet Go! reveals apps and toys

April 11, 2016

By Andy Robertson

APRIL 11TH 2016 AT 11:36AM 


Hit show Ready Jet Go! has launched a star gazing app and is planning to announce toy and game partners soon.

Talking to Andy Robertson on FamilyGamerTV, Dete Meserve from Wind Dancer Films, executive producer of Ready Jet Go! highlighted the educational aspect of the show.

"There's no show like it on TV so we feel that this is fertile territory for an adventure for kids and seeing the earth through the eyes of an alien seeing the planet for the first time.” She went on to discuss plans to bring toys, games and apps to market.

"We have three HTML5 web games and an app that's just launched worldwide. The free Ready Jet Go! Space Explorer app allows kids put their phone or tablet and put it up to the night sky to see what constellations are out there. We're just beginning to roll out the whole licensing and merchandising so kids can keep playing Ready Jet Go for many years to come."